The underwater acoustics part of the Bathymetry course as a separate course. New, interactive design.

A comprehensive course comprised of both Underwater Acoustics as well as an in-depth approach to both Singlebeam and Multibeam echosounders. For these systems both their principles, installation, calibration and operation is described. Other bathymetric systems are described on a more general level including their basic measurement principles.

A comprehensive course giving all the necessary information to understand and apply geodetic principles to surveying in general and hydrographic surveying in particular. Topics include horizontal datums, the geoid, datum transformation, map projections in general, UTM and vessel reference systems. The course teaches both a general understanding as well as the main formula's and their application to geodetic software.

A comprehensive course teaching both the operational principle of Global Navigation Satellite Systems as well as the geodetic and electronic basis on which they operate. All four major GNSS are described (GPS, Glonass, Beidou and Galileo) as well as their application to (hydrographic) surveying.